28 JUNE 2010

Here is an odd (and I do mean odd) assortment of things from my past. Some weird crap here but worth putting up, even if it is only to give people a laugh at the state of my haircut. 

These span a very long time and are in no particular order, just odds and ends that I found in a cardboard box.

Click on any image to see a larger version.

My membership card to the Dracula Appreciation Society.

This was the document which sent me off down the electronics road.

Ranalds boat out by the islands in Oz.

Becalmed in the South China Sea, struck down wi’ Yellow Jack.

Either my base pass or my driving licence. I forget which as they were interchangeable.

My ID card. Was that really me? Fresh faced and innocent? WTF happened?

The flat in York. We shared it with a couple of happy hookers.


Me, moments before going arse-over-tit down the mountain.

Liz smiling nicely at the camera for a change!

Yes that geek with the strawberry Mivvi really is me. 

Inge. The REAL reason I went to live in Sweden.

Inga, 0.3 microseconds before I jumped her. 

I was in Intensive Care for two weeks.

Yes, I remember that year. The worst case of flatulence I ever had.

The summer cottage in winter. Inga and her little sis Monika.